Plasma Bigscreen – Updated Beta 2 Image Release For Raspberry Pi 4

Plasma Bigscreen project is pleased to announce the release of a newer beta image for the Raspberry Pi 4. The beta 2 release adds several new features and includes a number of bug fixes.

Release Highlights

  • Updated Kernel & Firmware: The image now features Kernel and Firmware from the raspberry pi kernel version 5.4.y branch, This update brings in various fixes for USB devices not working on the previous image and also adds full support for newer revision boards.
  • Armhf Support: Even tho arm64 seems to be the popular trend, We still like to have support for an armhf base system, so starting from the current release an armhf image will also be available for downloads.
  • Base Upgraded to Neon Focal: The image has been re-based to KDE Neon Focal 20.04 bringing in all the latest improvements, application upgrades and security updates from KDE Neon.
  • Mycroft Core Release 20.08: Mycroft has been updated! Mycroft-Core shipped on the image is now based on the latest 20.08 mycroft dev branch release, improving not only the startup time for mycroft services but also various other smaller noticeable improvements.
  • Support For KDE Connect: Plasma Bigscreen has added support for KDE Connect KCM and Indicator allowing pairing your KDE Connect devices with Plasma Bigscreen and enabling the bigscreen plugin on KDE Connect will allow you to navigate the bigscreen interface using just your phone.
  • Various Improvements and Fixes for Voice Applications: This release features a dedicated Bigscreen platform skill that implements more of the Mycroft GUI api to give you a more seamless voice application experience. Additionally the latest beta image also features newer default installed skills/voice applications like PeerTube and all mycroft default skills upgraded to their 20.08 branch.


Feel free to provide feedback, report bugs in the image, or generally follow the discussion about its development on the of Plasma Bigscreen telegram channel:


Download the latest beta 2 image for the Raspberry Pi 4 from:

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