Mycroft Plasmoid & My First Akademy

I’d like to start this blog by thanking the KDE e.V. and the awesome KDE community for giving me the opportunity and sponsoring my travel to showcase and present my work on Mycroft at KDE Akademy, 2017 in Almeria, Spain this year. It was a very insightful experience where I got to learn about other interesting projects in KDE and also an awesome opportunity to meet other community members. I also got the chance to hold a Birds of a Feather session on Mycroft on the desktop where I gained some very valuable feedback and talk opportunities for integrating with other interesting projects to which I look forward too.

Moving on to the Presentation, I got one of the best opportunities to showcase the newest version of the Mycroft Plasmoid and some really interesting mycroft desktop skills that can transform an user’s experience on how they interact with their workspaces.

So, What’s New in Version 2.0 ?

Upgraded Look & Feel

Another GUI update? Yes, the new GUI face-lift should not only make the plasmoid feel more at home on the Plasma Desktop but now also house many of the newest features such as the ability to pin the plasmoid for easier access, the ability to mute your microphone when you do not want mycroft to listen, an easier navigation layout and lastly some really cool new set of animations.

Visual Feedback From Skills and Visual Data

The world of information is ever expanding and the need to get the right information to the users at the right time has become equally very important in a visually appealing and interactive format that makes the data easy to understand as well as give the user the ability to interact with more information around them. This update not only introduces to the plasmoid visually appealing HTML responsive views to Mycroft skills that give users the expanding ability to interact with skill information but also gives the Mycroft Skill’s Creators Community the ability to generate HTML responsive views for their own skills for the desktop platform.

Expanding The Mycroft Plasmoid Platform To Do More

This update introduces the drag and drop enhancement to the plasmoid where users who wish to use skills like Image Recognition, File Recognition, Song Recognition, etc. can now simply drop stuff over the plasmoid and let Mycroft work its magic to discover the right information for you based on your choice of mycroft recognition skills. This update also now empowers the Mycroft Skill’s Creators Community to explore newer skill possibilities that might require drag and drop features on the desktop.

Making Mycroft Skills Easier To Install

The plasmoid now incorporates the Mycroft Skills Installer back-end into the plasmoid making it easier for the user to browse through some of the most awesome mycroft official and community developed skills allowing them the ability to select what they want to use with a simple one click install.


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