Mycroft Plasmoid Gets An Update

 Introducing Mycroft and The Mycroft Plasmoid For Those Who Don’t Already Know

Mycroft is your own Open Source personal digital assistant you can use your voice or the keyboard to ask questions (“what’s the weather in Tokyo? / Calculate Pi to 50 Digits”), set reminders, launch apps and even search your plasma desktop for files and recent documents, you could also start using mycroft  for shouting instructions like “Create a new activity” or “Lock this computer” or “Switch Users” or “Send an SMS”  at your computer on a regular basis.. The Mycroft Plasmoid is the GUI front-end for Mycroft on the Plasma Desktop.

Moving On..Updates !

The past few weeks have been busy with Mycroft Plasmoid getting a GUI face-lift to adding some nifty features and myself attending the KDE India Conference where I got the opportunity to meet all the awesome FOSS & KDE Community People and present my progress on Mycroft Ai’s desktop integration.

Update 1: New User Interface

Some of you might have come across a video of the previous plasmoid design sometime in the past months, that design has been shelved and retired. The new GUI face-lift should make the Mycroft Plasmoid feel more at home on the Plasma Desktop and even match up your custom theme and color schemes.

Update 2: Visual Feedback for When Mycroft Is Listening

Talking to your computer feels new and unfamiliar. Shouting at it even more so..This unfamiliar feeling requires visual stimulation much like how two individuals would talk where the listener would acknowledge visually they are hearing you out so with this update I’d like to introduce visual feedbacks at every step of the way so you know when Mycroft is listening and responding and even working in the background.

P.S: Mycroft is not difficult to call upon Mycroft should start listening to you once you say the magic wake words “Hey Mycroft” followed by your questions.

Update 3:  Suggestions

Suggestions! Suggestions! So at some point you might run out of things to talk to your computer about or you might like to ask it similar questions. This is where the concept of Suggestions comes to play, The new update introduces random suggestions to the users based on their question input picked up from a category list matching the closest keywords.

Your Feedback Is Important, So Try it Out !

Your opinion is very important, this is some real early work and it does not come bug free.  If you would like to get involved  and help out in improving the Mycroft on the Desktop experience start with trying out Mycroft and the Plasmoid on your Desktop Today !

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